Review Ultrasone Edition 8 – The Royal Crown Of Headphones (and About The Same Price)

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Uncategorized

If you can afford to pay $1,500 for a pair of headphones then good for you! If not, and you are drooling over those pair of cans being displayed at your favorite audio shop and you call your boss to beg for a cash advance, then good luck. For those who don’t care how expensive a piece of headphone is for as long as they can satisfy their material desires, these are people you want to hang out with! And, for those who call you to borrow money just to buy a one-grand piece of can, these are people you want steer clear of! I wouldn’t mind paying for a one-thousand dollar headphone if I have extra moolah on my pocket. But paying more for what I can afford is another issue.

I can be obsessed with my music anytime, but I always use my head first. Now, is the Ultrasone Edition 8 worth its price? Let’s find out…

Ultrasone Edition 8 review

With a list price of $1,500, the Ultrasone Edition 8s compete with a select group of luxury full-size headphones, most of which are targeted specifically for in-home use. But unlike the 6.3-millimeter phono plugs found on equivalent Grado and Sennheiser models, the Edition 8s sport a 3.5-millimeter plug that works with portable audio players without the need for an adapter. Indeed, the Edition 8s were a perfect match for our iPod. The headphones are equipped with a thin, 4-foot “Y” cable (one that goes to both earcups), and a 13-foot headphone extension cord is also included for home use.

Ultrasone Edition 8 Review and Discussion

The Ultrasone Editions 8s have incredible sound. It has a strong bass that is tight and controlled and sound across the board is incredibly clear and defined. The mid and treble range is bright and warm with the absence of harshness or tinny noises. However, the midrange and treble lack the same oomph, power and clarity of the bass which the headphones produce. This applies mainly to the midrange, with the treble suffering less. This improves with the addition of amplification (in my case the addition of the Meier Audio Stepdance). With amplification, the bass, midrange and treble all receive more substance and power in the sound.


The Edition 8 sound great. Everything is well balanced, and the stereo effect gets out of your head much better than other headphones. Unlike lesser headphones that need dedicated amplifiers along with their own problems, just plug these in, and you’ll immediately be so enthralled with the sound that you won’t take them off for a long time. The Edition 8 sound great even at soft levels. Most headphones are deficient in bass, which cause people to have to play them too loud. The Edition 8 have great bass, so even at low levels, you can hear it all.


The Ultrasone 8s are closed back headphones. Ordinarily, this means you can listen to your music without it being broadcast to the people around you with the payoff of a loss in transient sound. Not so with these headphones. The Edition 8s are on a par, if not better, than many top open-back headphones, which is incredible for their closed back design.

As you’d expect for the price, the sound does, indeed, dazzle, putting the majority of other high end headphones in the shade. Cymbal crashes will never get boring and the Ultrasone Edition 8s handle kick drums and bass like a concerto grandmaster (do they exist?). Vocal and live recordings, in particular, have never sounded better, with crystal clear imaging and a warm ambience.

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World’s Best Headphone Review: The Ultrasone Edition 8

The Ultrasone Edition 8 has been designed from the ground up to be the world’s best full-size portable headphone, and it does a darn good job of it. Being compact is a good thing for portable headphones, and the Edition 8 is small for a full-sized can. The quality of construction hasn’t gone by the wayside in the effort to minimize; while the earpieces are small and you have to tuck your ears into them, they’re extremely luxuriant and comfortable. Ethiopian Goatskin leather earpads form a very good seal around your ears while not feeling artificial or sticky.


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